Diana Widjaya - Creatink Moments Photographer and Owner

About Creatink Moments

Creatink Moments is a professional photography service sited in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our scope of work includes maternity, newborn baby, children, and family portraits. 

Capturing from the heart what we are passionate about, that's who we are. The silence of a sleeping baby to the giggling of little kids, are what we adore. 


About the Photographer/Owner

Doing photography for a living came a surprise for my parents. At first, it was simply a hobby seeing that mother often used to take pictures of the family with a hand-held camera. The whole idea of freelancing and eventually owning a photography business became a sought dream when I attended college. it left a deep impression, when I saw how through a camera lens was it possible to capture such authentic moments. 

All my life I’ve freelanced to shoot constructions sites, food, professional profiles, but what truly had me enthused was taking children photographs, there’s just something about those pure and playful little sweethearts that grabs my attention. Hence, it became the focus of Creatink Moments to take photographs of families’ with new born babies as well as children up to the age of 12 years old.